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High Definition Whole Vacuum Flexo Four Colors Printer Oiling Dry Slotter Rotary Die Cutter Machine

  • Min. Order:1 Set(s)
  • Date of Delivery:30 days
  • Payment Type:L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union
  • Port:Tianjin Port
Cangzhou Zhenhua Packaging Machinery Manufacturing Co.,ltd
Hebei, China
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Main Products: flexo printing machine, maual die cutting and creasing machine, semi auto die cutting machine, auto die cutting machine, semi auto folder gluer machine, auto folder gluer machine
Model No.: YSF-D 420-2600 Brand: ZHENHUA Place of Origin: China

Main Feature:
1.The whole machine is designed and manufactured according to high requirements, reliable functions and safety.
2.Use high-quality materials and accessories. All drive rollers are made of high-quality steel, plated with hard chrome, and surface ground.
3.Each printing unit adopts vacuum adsorption conveying device to realize high-dot precision printing.
4.The whole machine adopts touch screen PLC control, which can store and recall the order data that has been made, which makes the order change quicker and the operation more convenient.
5.The fault can be remotely detected through the network, and the equipment fault can be quickly eliminated.
6.Automatically return to zero and automatically reset.
7.The gap between transfer roller, embossing roller and anilox roller is adjusted by computer control.
8.Paper dust central collection system.


Technology Parameter



Design speed


Economic speed


Inside wallboard width


Max. Paperboard size


Min. Paperboard size



Max. Printing size


Max. Skip paper feeding size


Max. Die cutting size


Standard thickness of printing plate

7.2 mm (with version lining)

Printing precision


Die cutting precision


Application flute paperboard Thickness




Paper feeding Section

· Paper can be fed continuously or at intervals (with counter).

·Adopt the leading edge roller to feed paper, and the paper feed stroke can be adjusted to reduce the pressure of the paper pulling roller.

·The leading edge paper feeding increases the suction flow, and the paper feeding is more stable and accurate.

·The frequency conversion controls the vacuum air flow and pressure to match the cardboard size.

·Paper-drawing rubber rollers are double-layered rubber, with soft inner layer and hard outer layer, which not only maintains the elasticity of the inner layer but also ensures the wear resistance of the surface, and reduces the cardboard fed in by squashing.

·Dust removal device: brush and fan remove paper scraps on the surface of the cardboard, sticky rubber roller sticks and absorbs fine impurities on the surface.

·Paper-pull rubber roller gap, left and right paperboard position, computer control adjustment.

·The rear paper tray is electrically controlled front and rear to speed up the setting speed.



Printer Section
1.Reel hanging plate, 360-degree locking device, so that the plate hanging operation is simple and the alignment is more accurate.
2.Quick plate change, quickly correct the tilt error generated when the plate is pasted, and reach the correction range.
3.Vacuum adsorption and high-precision transmission throughout the whole process, high precision of overprint
4.The fixed unit of the printing unit is widened, which helps to dry the ink and ensure the accuracy of overprinting (a drying system is optional).
5.Horizontal phase, computer and electric digital control.
6.GUANGDONG LIJIAN brand Doctor bladder ink supply system: The main body of the ink cavity is made of non-metallic special material that will never rust and is easy to clean; quickly replace the squeegee blade.
7.Automatically switch the cleaning device, so that the ink recovery is more thorough; save ink and ink work, each unit can save 0.4-0.5 kg of ink each time when changing colors or cleaning.


Coating Section
·The glazing unit is widened to help the varnish drying speed.
·Water-based varnish or UV varnish can be selected for varnishing when the varnishing unit is produced, and it can also be used as a printing unit.
·A paper jam sensor is installed to make the operation safer and more reliable.



Drying unit
·The drying unit can choose infrared drying system.
·According to the width of the cardboard, infrared lamps can be controlled in sections to save energy.
·Ultraviolet drying method quickly dries the UV varnish on the surface of the printed matter to avoid the dragging phenomenon during die-cutting; it also effectively improves the printing speed of the product.



Die cutting unit
·Servo motor drive to ensure less vibration of the printing unit and more accurate printing.
·The rubber pad roller has a mechanical spiral reversing 40mm traveling device, which improves the service life of the rubber pad.
·Horizontal phase, computer and electric digital control, the control range is ±5mm.
·Die cutting phase adjustment is driven by PLC and servo.
·The rubber pad roller cuts and smooths the structure to keep the surface of the rubber pad smooth.



While customer signing contract, customer need choose anilox lines No.

Machinery has twelve months guarantee,without contain wearing parts, if need to install and training,we will send our technical person,but all of charge will be paid by buyer,  (such as: visa fee, room and board, workers salary $120-150 per person per day)



Service commitment

Term of service for the machine as below:
1. The warranty period is 12 months for product under contract. Our engineer will arrive machine site within 1 week after receipt buyer’s written notice. Beyond warranty period, our engineer will arrive machine site within 10 days after receipt buyer’s written notice. Lifelong maintenance service.
2. Within 1 year, the spare parts damaged by non-human reason, we will replace it in free charge, excluding wearing spare parts. The cost of damaged parts will be charged due to violation operation of operator or faulty operation.
3. The price of spare parts is lowest cost prices beyond warranty period.
4. The buyer needs additional parts as seller’s lowest cost price.

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